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This is me!

This is me!

Polar Bear Alley is a guide to the polar bears of Churchill, life in Churchill, Manitoba, Canada and updates from the coast of Hudson Bay.  It includes the polar bear blog, polar bear pictures, arctic stories and tales of life at the cabin.

The blog is usually written from a little cabin 15 miles east of Churchill, Manitoba, Canada at a place called Camp Nanuq. It is a ‘cottage subdivision’ of Churchill – the suburbs.  There is power but no running water and a lot of snow.

Of course, I do move around a lot and spend a good chunk of the year in the Yukon, the Canadian North and travel a bit to South or Central America when I can…


Custom Guided Adventures

Ice Road to Tuktoyaktuk

With my partner, Karine Genest, we offer custom bear viewing and wildlife adventures across the north, be it Churchill, the Yukon or the high Arctic.  Send us an email if you would like to explore the north with us or would like a custom self-guided itinerary…!!!

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