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The Old Churchill Hotel


(First off… these are retro pics of Churchill hotels that I thought looked cool – don’t expect to find them anywhere in Churchill though…!)

For a town of 1000 people, Churchill has more than its share of tourist accommodations, with seven (sometimes eight) hotels and an annually varying number of B&Bs, usually somewhere around four or five.

Most hotels are booked in advance of bear season by the large tour companies so it is difficult to book early as an independent traveler as the companies have blocked off rooms. Cancellations usually start in mid-summer so it is a good idea to calling about rooms in August or even September for a last minute bear season trip.

Where to Stay in Churchill – Hotels, Lodges and Bed & Breakfasts

Aurora Inn
Reservations:  1(888) 840-1344
24 Bernier Street   Churchill, Manitoba   R0B 0E0
Tel:  (204) 675 2071    Fax:  (204) 675-2850

Bear Country Inn
Reservations (204) 675-8299
126 Kelsey Blvd   Churchill, Manitoba   R0B 0E0
Tel:  (204) 675-8299   Fax:  (204) 675-8803

Churchill Motel
Reservations (204) 675-8853
P.O. Box 218   Churchill, Manitoba   R0B 0E0
Tel:  (204) 675-8853   Fax:  (204) 675-8228

Iceberg Inn
Reservations (204) 675-2228
184 Kelsey Blvd   Churchill, Manitoba    R0B 0E0
Tel:  (204) 675-2228   Fax:  (204) 675-2543

Lazy Bear Lodge
Reservations (204) 675-2629
P.O. Box 931   Churchill, Manitoba   R0B 0E0
Tel:  (204) 675-2969

Polar Inn & Suites
Reservations 1 (877) 765 2733
153 Kelsey Blvd.   Churchill, Manitoba   R0B 0E0
Tell:  (204) 675-8878

Seaport Hotel
Reservations (204) 675-8807
299 Kelsey Blvd.   Churchill, Manitoba   R0B 0E0
Tel:  (204) 675-8807   Fax:  (204) 675-2795

Tundra Inn
Reservations 1(800)265-8563
34 Franklin Street   Churchill, Manitoba   R0B 0E0
Tel:  (204) 675-8831   Fax:  (204) 675-2764

Polar Bear Visits the Churchill Hotel

3 Responses to Hotels and Lodges

  1. Virginia O'Neill says:

    Interested in two or three day stay and bear and sea life tours. Can you give me information on tours, pricing and accomodations. Our schedule is very flexible from June through August for two adults. We are coming from the Minneapolis area, and we are on a low to average budget. Thank you,

  2. Jack Laughlin says:

    This Website is awsome! I think that you all do an excellent job up in Churchill! I like how you have all the hotels and news updates. Its so cool! We are researching Churchill in are Social Studies class. DON’T WORRY! I cited my facts. :)

  3. Ardella Huston says:

    We would like info about the train from Winnepeg to Churchill round trip for two seniors. We prefer a lower berth and feel that two days in Churchill would be enough if we can get the tundra buggy one of those days. Please send us availability of the train and hotel or B &B anytime during October, Nov.

    Thank you,
    Ardella Huston

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