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Last Update: January 2013



TAKE THE PLANE TO CHURCHILL - The 2-1/2 hour flight from Winnipeg to Churchill takes you over Lake Winnipeg, pristine northern Manitoba’s wide expanse of boreal forest and, finally, the patchwork landscapes of the Hudson Bay Lowlands. On a clear day, it is offers stunning vistas. On a cloudy day, it is still 42 hours less than the train. Sound nice? It is… but it’s also around ±$1,200 CDN even with advance booking.

Calm Air is the primary carrier for the Churchill area. It has recently changed some of its plane to small jets which has resulted in some ‘growing pains’ so expect some delays with luggage, etc. Maybe this will be resolved soon.

Regular flights from Winnipeg to Churchill are:
Winnipeg to Churchill -
Monday through Friday Flights – Departing 7:30am and 11:30pm
Saturday and Sunday departures – 8:30pm

I don’t really recommend driving from Winnipeg to Thompson and then flying to Churchill unless you really have the time and desire to explore northern Manitoba – the drive is about 8-9 hours. Gas is just too expensive now (around $1.30 today…) and lowest fare is still about $700 from Thompson to Churchill. Then again, a group of four people would save about $1500 with that drive… as long as you don’t drive each other nuts on the way.

Calm Air occasionally offers special fares and discounts on their website.  Joining the E-Calm Club also helps with notifications and access to sales. Call 1 (800) 839-2256

Regularly scheduled Churchill flights leave from the Winnipeg airport. Charters are usually at the Esso Avitat location but of course your charter tour company will let you know about that…

VISIT MARK THE JEWELLERY GUY. There is a small jewellery kiosk at the airport run by local artist, Mark Reynolds. He does really nice work and has very reasonable prices… at the very least, you can remember to have cash on hand when you are heading back south!

SURVIVAL GUIDE FOR THE CHURCHILL TOURISTGRAB A NEWSPAPER… A newspaper with today’s date is gold in Churchill. Read it on the plane then use it to trade with locals for trinkets and shiny things.

BRING WARM CLOTHES… BUT NOT TOO WARM. If it’s summer in Winnipeg, it is autumn in Churchill. If it’s autumn in Winnipeg, it is winter in Churchill. If it’s winter in Winnipeg, well, let’s just say be prepared.

Carry on a change of clothes…We are not trying to scare anyone but sometimes, especially in ‘polar bear season’, luggage gets temporarily misplaced.  Usually only a day late, it is still a good idea to bring clothes for one night anyway…

If it is summer, board the plane in Winnipeg wearing a pair of shorts and hawaiian shirt – with a fleece jacket under your arm…

If it is bear season, please do not get off the plane wearing a Canada Goose parka.  Its not really that cold until mid-November… I mean, really…

EAT A COOKIE…  Calm Air has good cookies!!!  If you sit at the very front or the very back, you have a decent chance at seconds.

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  1. BinBin says:

    Hi, I want to visit to Churchill to see the polar bear on Feb 15, however, I can not find some cheapest flight, how can I book the ticket or trip from you, I Iive in Toronto, and if I fly to yellowknife first, then fly to Churchill, is it ok? Would you please plan a trip for me or give me some advice? Thank you!

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