Hudson Bay Post

The Hudson Bay Post was Churchill’s monthly newspaper (published occasionally) from 2004-2009. The following links give a bit of a snapshot of life in Churchill, Manitoba.

2 Responses to Hudson Bay Post

  1. Charles Adams says:

    Hi, I want to see a the Hudson Bay Factory (past) and have the Hudson’s Bay Company addition to seeing polar bears. Does this provide or should I be looking for a different travel plan. Thanks. Chuck

  2. Norma says:

    I am going to Churchill to see my loved polar bears in their environment!! This has been a dream that I never thought would happen, but November 14th… it’s a… happenin!! I love reading this site to keep me current on what’s happening at Churchill and the most current status of my Polars, it also keeps me focused on the trip. Thanks for the great information provided here, can’t wait to be there!!!

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