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Patagonia Blog – Route 40-ish

Route 40 is the iconic trail slash gravel road that travellers wear as a badge of honour. For many years, it has been a rock and dust riddled test of patience. To drive Route 40 is to hear the Lonely Planet theme in your head for hour after radio-free hour. However, it seems we are among the last to drive on the true Route 40 experience. Much of it is paved and there are two … Continue reading

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Patagonia Blog – Whales, More Whales, Pinguinos, Seals and More Whales

Amidst scurrying and supposedly industrious armadillos, we camped on the beach at Puerto Pardelas. This is a fantastic spot that doesn’t seem to appear in many guide books. About 18 kilometers away from Puerto Piramides, it has not services but a spectacular view and miles of uninhabited beach. Camping is a pretty intense experience when you are traveling. We camped without the fly so that we could watch the constellations of the southern sky. Of … Continue reading

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