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Polar Bear Blog – Let’s Feed The Bears (Some More)


So, I have seen this idea come up here and there… most recently, it started with Robert Buchanan from Polar Bears International and now with one of his researchers, Andrew Derocher. The idea is to feed polar bears (specifically Churchill’s bears) while they are on land to help offset the decline in sea ice. Offhand it seems insane; after you have lived in the north for a while, insane seems intriguing. Incidentally, this idea first … Continue reading

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Polar Bear Blog – Eskimo Dogs and Space Tomatoes

Sometimes, I am reminded how, aside from polar bear season and sometimes the Port, Churchill kind of remains off the arctic radar. There are two pretty good examples floating around the internet these days. The first is a story from Iqaluit where local mushers are concerned about their Canadian Eskimo Dog stock. Reading the CBC Article, it recounts how the Canadian Eskimo Dog is a disappearing breed and, given that it is one of the … Continue reading

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