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Polar Bear Blog – A Tale of Two Treelines


Churchill lies along the treeline. This is the northern edge of the boreal forest, a giant swath of evergreen trees that stretches across much of northern Canada. When you drive out east, you can see the treeline just a few kilometres inland. However, tree islands and small clumps of tree are found out on the thin line of ‘tundra’ that parallels the coast of Hudson Bay. Well, basically, there are two ‘treelines’. The main treeline … Continue reading

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Polar Bear Alley – Churchill’s Bears and Hudson Bay Winter


Well, enough polar bear politics for a while… hard to get away from that stuff though. Let’s try and figure out what the bears are up to out on the ice. Temperatures have finally levelled off, it is even up around -15C today which is literally t-shirt weather, really – assuming, of course, that you have a merino wool underlayer. However, until now, Churchill has been locked in a deep freeze since pretty much the … Continue reading

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