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Patagonia Blog – Route 40-ish

Route 40 is the iconic trail slash gravel road that travellers wear as a badge of honour. For many years, it has been a rock and dust riddled test of patience. To drive Route 40 is to hear the Lonely Planet theme in your head for hour after radio-free hour. However, it seems we are among the last to drive on the true Route 40 experience. Much of it is paved and there are two … Continue reading

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Patagonia Blog – Along the Ria Deseado

As we approach Puerto Deseado, there is a ‘control post’. Every so often, seemingly with the change in municipalities in Argentina, there is a police inspection. We have passed through several, and apart from being drug-dog sniffed on the bus, we haven’t seemingly been noticed. The lack of traffic on this road begs different. The officer begins sternly but quickly relents to the Argentine affability. He asks where we are going and we say Puerto … Continue reading

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Patagonia Blog – The Quest for Electronics

After Peninsula Valdes and the magical mystery bus, the only option that made any sense was to rent a car for the rest of the trip. Buses are expensive here and when you start looking at the time spent waiting for and organizing buses, self-transport seems pretty appealing. Renting a car long-term reduces the price from Churchill level more to normal Canada level, still worth it though. After two discouraging and bizarre attempts (another blog … Continue reading

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Patagonia Blog – In Puerto Madryn

We made it to Puerto Madryn, a relatively small coastal city, somewhere around 50-60,000 people. It seems to function on tourism and German investment, for better or worse. The is less traffic and more development; beach dunes are being replaced by beach-side dining and cabanas by condos. You can buy a litre of beer at the grocery store for $1.50 but a rental car costs the same as Churchill, strange place. A few cargo ships … Continue reading

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