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Based in Churchill, Manitoba, Polar Bear Alley Expeditions is a small tour company that develops custom hiking adventures in the sub-arctic. We combine natural history, cultural exploration and scientific research in every tour package. Our local guides take pride in the people and landscape of northern Canada. We enjoy helping visitors experience the real Churchill!

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Written by local guide, Kelsey Eliasson, Polar Bears of Churchill combines eight years of guiding experience in Churchill, Manitoba, Canada with the latest scientific research and some colourful local history. Independently published. Available online for only $14.95! Click BUY NOW to purchase with PayPal's secure online payment system.


Polar Bear Alley Custom Tours

Four, seven and ten day adventures in the sub-arctic

Beluga Whales in the Churchill RiverPolar Bear Alley Expeditions offers customized natural and cultural history tours of the sub-arctic. We have a special focus on sustainability, ecological integrity, community support and local knowledge. Our guides live and work in Churchill, Manitoba and provide a unique viewpoint of life in the polar bear capital of the world. For this reason, we often integrate local volunteer work and beach restoration into our tour packages.

Our tour programs range include four, seven and ten day hiking adventures. We offer 'hard days and soft nights'. Groups are active and outdoors for much of the day, getting a hands-on experience that few tour companies offer. While enjoying a true sub-arctic adventure each day, we also return to the comfort of dinner and accommodations in town.

Polar bear by Ithaca shipwreckOur name is Polar Bear Alley but polar bears are not the sole focus of our tour offering but these big white bears are a constant factor in the sub-arctic summer. While this does give us the opportunity to present 'I Walked With Polar Bears' certificates, it also requires all Polar Bear Alley guides to be proficient in polar bear security and safe travel in polar bear country. Client safety is our prime responsibility - hiking in polar bear country is an incredible experience but not being eaten by a polar bear is even better!

Fireweed Near Prince of Wales Fort The Canadian sub-arctic is the sole focus of our tours - of course, the sub-arctic has so many different unforgettable things to offer. With hundreds if not thousands of beluga whales in the Churchill River on any given summer day, polar bears have tough competition for Churchill's top tourist attraction. Abundant wildflowers, fur trade history, migratory birds, arctic animals and ever-changing Hudson Bay round out the rest of the tour quite well.

Coast of Hudson BayDepending on the group's preference, we custom design tours to focus on northern research, cultural history, arctic wildlife or a mix of all three. All of our groups have an outdoor component but was can adapt the level of activity to match the group - some want to hike 20km per day, others are content with 2-3km. Regardless of the group, each Polar Bear Alley Expedition promises to be educational, sustainable and memorable. Our combination of local guides and local knowledge allow us to share 'the real Churchill' with each and every visitor.

Custom Tours With Polar Bear Alley Expeditions

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Polar Bear Alley is a real place but not this place. It is a strip of white sand beach along the coast of Hudson Bay near the former site of the Churchill garbage dump. A beautiful place for a picnic if you know how to handle a shotgun.

This version of Polar Bear Alley is created by Kelsey Eliasson in Churchill, Manitoba, Canada - specifically at Camp Nanuq -a 'cottage suburb' twenty kilometres (15 miles) east of Churchill. I run a tour company called Polar Bear Alley Expeditions and write a few books, including the Polar Bears of Churchill guidebook, when not chasing polar bears off my porch.

Polar Bears of Churchill is a comprehensive guide to the Polar Bears of western Hudson Bay and their relationship with Churchill, Manitoba, Canada. It combines seven years of guiding experience in Churchill with the latest scientific research and some colourful local history. Independently published in Churchill, Manitoba.

Second Edition, ©2006, Written by Kelsey Eliasson
Photography and Map Design by Kelsey Eliasson
Additional photography by Northern Soul Adventures
and Polar Bears International
Retail price $14.95, 64 pages, full colour throughout.

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